About Us

GiddyUp designs, builds, and operates specialized fast-charging EV charging hubs for retail, commercial and municipal customers. 

GiddyUp specializes in systems that can charge any kind of EV, including all commercial trucks and buses. Exclusively offering Level 3 fast-charging technology.

GiddyUp forms partnerships with site owners in high-traffic locations. GiddyUp is focused on the California market with its first location opened in Sacramento, CA and has a robust pipeline of additional projects.

Project Overview

GiddyUp has partnered with SacRT to electrify the light rail station located at Power Inn Road. Our goal is to serve SacRT ridership, the local community, and local commercial fleet operators with easy and fast EV charging. The site will initially offer 10 Level 3 High Speed Chargers (175kw) – with potential to expand the site for up to 20 Level 3 chargers. 

Uniquely, for the convenience of fleet visitors, the site will also offer two charging stations that are designed to accommodate large fleet vehicles (up to the size of a City bus or Semi-tractor).

For fleet charging inquiries please contact us fleet@giddyuppower.com

Key Features

        • Open to the pubic 24/7
        • Lowest L3 charging prices available
        • 10 Siemens 175kw chargers
        • Capable of fast-charging any EV (15 minutes = 150 miles of vehicle range)
        • Utilizes the GiddyUp Charging App; on the EVGateway charging network
        • Accommodates many fleet vehicles and city buses, see the image above
Ford E Transit 350
Lightning Motors ZEV 3
Mercedes eSprinter
Lion Motors Electric minibus
Lion Motors Trucks
Ford Lightning
Blue Bird Van



Week One


Week Two


Week Three

Electrical Piping

Week Four

Underground Conduit Installation

Week Five

Trenching and Backfill continues

Week Six

Backfill completion, Compaction and Curve Tests & Inspections

Week Seven

CMU inspection and concrete pour

Week Eight

Grouted wall enclosure

Asphalt prep

Poured compound pads

Week Nine

Installed power units

Poured curbs

Test irrigation system

Week Ten

Completed Power Unit installation
Poured charger pads
Installed Bollards
Began asphalt pouring
Install inverters

Week Eleven

Installed chargers
Begin mural
Complete wiring 

Week Twelve

Asphalt completion
Mural design

F. A .Q.

Where is the lot located?

The lot is located at 3009 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA 95826  https://www.plugshare.com/location/500344

When will the lot be open?

Official launch date is June 12, 2023 (lot may be open sooner)

how fast will my vehicle charge?

We use only Level 3 Fast Chargers (175kw); these can provide you up to 150 miles of driving range in as little as 15 minutes of charge time

Can I reserve a charging spot before I arrive?

Yes!  Using our app you can reserve a charging spot at any time that you expect to arrive

How much does it cost?

Because the power company charges us different rates for peak times and off peak times, charging fees will range from  $0.18/KWHand $0.49/KWHdepending on the time of day.  Users can also obtain reduced pricing by participating in our subscription plans.

Can fleet customers reserve spots 24/7 for charging?

Yes, contact us for availability and pricing